Kennel von der Beizjagd:

Home of World Champion Zambo vom Riedschlurgi


We are a small, selective, hobby breeder of German Shepherd dogs.  We strive to improve the German Shepherd breed and to produce dogs with outstanding structure, temperament, and working ability.  We breed according to the German standard, only utilizing dogs that have been schutzhund titled, breed surveyed, and have certified hips and elbows. 

Our kennel name “von der Beizjagd” is an old German word that translates literally as “falconry” - “beiz” is the root of “beissen”, to bite, and “jagd” means “to hunt”.


Welcome to Kennel von Der Beizjagd

October 2014: Aschi and Elle each had eight puppies from Kimon vom Emkendorfer Park, an up and coming son of VA Mentos vom Osterbergerland.  Check out the puppy page for available puppies!!

May 2014:  Aschi is crowned Siegerin VA1 at the 2014 USA Sieger Show!

April 2014: Elle wins WDA National Universal Siegerin with a score of 86-84-80 and 8th place overall in the trial!!!!

March 2014: Elle Rallhaus earns IPO3 for the 3rd time at 2 years and 4 months old: 90-96-92 at TriCity Schutzhund with SV Judge Henke to qualify for Nationals!!!

November 2013: Elle Rallhaus places V1 at the Upper Bucks Conformation Show with Judge Karen MacIntyre; Pike and Pala vom Eichenluft also win their classes!

October 2013: Zambo earns FH1 with 100 points at Quinebaug Schutzhund Club with SV Judge Bruno Kastelic!

September 2013: T Floyd and Elle Rallhaus earn IPO3 with scores of 92-95-87, SG 274 and Ella earns her breed survey with SV Judge H. König.  Zambo repeats IPO3 at the same trial with scores of 98-94-94, V 286 and high IPO3, high tracking.

July 2013: Elle Rallhaus earns IPO2 with T. Floyd! 98-97-90 for 285 points.

June 2013: Elle Rallhaus gets BH and IPO1 at 19 months of age with 269 points!

March 2013: Aschi was V1 in the female working class at OG-Carolina and was breed surveyed with Judge Rüdiger Mai.

December 2012/Jan 2013: Aschi gets her IPO1 title with 272 points; Aschi gets IPO2 with 272 points!

September 2012: Aschi vom Haus Hutfeld, a Zambo daughter, makes SG12 at in the 18-24 month female class at the BSZS and SG4 at the Italian Sieger Show!!!

August 2012: Zambo is Sieger VA1 and Elle Rallhaus, a Zambo-Honey Finkenschlag daughter, is Junior Puppy Siegerin at the Canadian Sieger Show!

July 2012: Zambo is VA4 at the Belgian Sieger Show with Judge H. König; Aschi made SG3 at the LGZS from 27 dogs with Judge F.-P. Knaul!

June 2012: Zambo is 2012 WUSV Universal Sieger World Champion!!!!  2nd in trial with 91-96-96, 283 ‘a’ and 1st in show.  High obedience.  Photos to come...

May 2012: Zambo is VA3 at the USA Sieger Show and wins a bitework award; progeny performed well - Aschi is SG4, Elle is VP1, Rap is VP4, Wok is VP8! Photos are coming...

October 2011: Zambo is VA4 at NASS and wins a bitework award!

September 2011: Zambo is Vice Sieger, VA2 at the Canadian Sieger Show, and his daughter Aschi vom Haus Hutfeld wins the 6-9 month female puppy class.

June 2011: Zambo is Universal Sieger World Champion!!!  He won the first WUSV Universal Sieger Championship in Hartkirchen Austria!!!

WUSV Universal Sieger World Championship 2012